yzTechniques in Molecular Systematics and Evolution
yҎҁzRob DeSalle , Gonzalo Giribet, Ward Wheeler
ysz10 June 2002
yoŁzSpringer-Verlag, Berlin
ypzMethods and Tools in Biosciences and Medicine
yŐzx+407 pp.
yizUS$ 129.00 (hardcover) / US$ 79.95 (paperback)
yISBNz3-7643-6256-1 (hardcover) / 3-7643-6257-X (paperback)
List of Contributors vii
General Introduction ix

I: Analytical Methods

Introduction to Part I. 3
(Rob DeSalle, Gonzalo Giribet and Ward C. Wheeler)

1. Phylogenetic Analysis: The Basic Method. 4
(John W. Wenzel)

2. Parsimony Analysis. 31
(Mark E. Siddall)

3. Optimization Alignment: Down, Up, Error, and Improvements. 55
(Ward C. Wheeler)

4. Techniques for Analyzing Large Data Sets. 70
(Pablo A. Goloboff)

5. Measures of Support. 80
(Mark E. Siddall)

6. Partitioning of Multiple Data Sets in Phylogenetic Analysis. 102
(Patrick M. O'Grady, James Ramsen and John E. Gatesy)

7. Complex Model Organism Genome Databases. 120
(Charles G. Wray)

8. Comparative Phylogenomics: A Strategy for High-throughput Large-scale
Sub-genomic Sequencing Projects for Phylogenetic Analysis. 132
(Aloysius J. Phillips)

9. Comparative Methods. 146
(Richard H. Baker)

10. Analyzing Data at the Population Level. 162
(Phaedra Doukakis, Kenneth D. Birnbaum and Howard C. Rosenbaum)

II: Laboratory Methods

Introduction to Part II. 175
(Rob DeSalle, Gonzalo Giribet and Ward C. Wheeler)

11. Obtaining, Storing and Archiving Specimens and Tissue Samples for
Use in Molecular Studies. 176
(Lorenzo Prendini, Robert Hanner and Rob DeSalle)

12. DNA Isolation Procedures. 249
(Michele K. Nishiguchi and 10 coauthors)

13. Late Pleistocene DNA Extraction and Analysis. 288
(Alex D. Greenwood)

14. PCR Methods and Approaches. 302
(James Bonacum, Julian Stark and Elizabeth Bonwich)

15. High-Throughput DNA Sequencing for Systematics. 328
(Michael F. Whiting)

16. A Practical Guide for Microsatellite Analysis. 351
(Kenneth D. Birnbaum and Howard C. Rosenbaum)

17. Determining the Spatial and Temporal Patterns of Developmental
Gene Expression in Vertebrates and Invertebrates
Using in situ Hybridization Techniques. 365
(Ruth D. Gates, Thorsten Hadrys, Ceser Arenas-Mena and David K. Jacobs)

Guide to Solutions. 395
Guide to Protocols. 397
Troubleshooting Guide. 399
Index. 401