yzStyle, Function, Transmission: Evolutionary Archaeological Perspectives
yҎҁzMichael J. O'Brien and R. Lee Lyman
yoŁzThe University of Utah Press, Salt Lake City
ypzFoundations of Archaeological Inquiry
yŐzviii+358 pp.
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Preface and Acknowledgements vii

Style, Function, Transmission: An Introduction 1
[Michael J. O'Brien and R. Lee Lyman]

1. Style, Function, and Cultural Evolutionary Process 33
[Robert L. Bettinger, Robert Boyd, and Peter J. Richerson]

2. Stylistic Variation in Evolutionary Perspective: Inferences from Decorative Diversity and Interassemblage Distance in Illinois Woodland Ceramic Assembleges 53
[Fraser D. Neiman]

3. Population Structure, Cultural Transmission, and Frequency Seriation 79
[Carl P. Lipo, Mark E. Madsen, Robert C. Dunnell, and Tim Hunt]

4. Point Typologies, Cultural Transmission, and the Spread of Bow-and-Arrow Technology in the Prehistoric Great Basin 105
[Robert L. Bettinger and Jelmer Eerkens]

5. Style and Function in East Polynesian Fishhooks 119
[Melinda S. Allen]

6. A Study of Style and Function in a Class of Tools 139
[David J. Meltzer]

7. Functional Attributes and the Differential Persistence of Great Basin Dart Forms 157
[Charlotte Beck]

8. A Ceramic Perspective on the Formative to Classic Transition in Southern Veracruz, Mexico 175
[Christopher A. Pool and Georgia Mudd Britt]

9. Evolutionary Implications of Design and Performance Characteristics of Prehistoric Pottery 199
[Michael J. O'Brien, Thomas D. Holland, Robert J. Hoard, and Gregory L.Fox]

10. Late Woodland Manifestations of the Malden Plain, Southeast Missouri 227
[Robert C. Dunnell and James K. Feathers]

11. Methodology of Comparison in Evolutionary Archaeology 243
[Hector Neff and Daniel O. Larson]

12. Measuring and Explaining Change in Artifact Variation with Clade-Diversity Diagrams 265
[R. Lee Lyman and Michael J. O'Brien]

References Cited 295
Index 349
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