yzReading the Shape of Nature: Comparative Zoology at the Agassiz Museum
yҁzMary P. Winsor
yoŁzThe University of Chicago Press, Chicago
ypzScience and Its Conceptual Foundations Series
yŐzxviii+324 pp.
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Illustrations ix
Preface xi
Acknowledgments xvii
1. "in the Prime of His Admirable Manhood" 1
2. "I Have Been Disappointed in My Collaborators" 43
3. "Our Work Must Be Done with Much More Precision" 66
4. "An Object Worthy of a Life's Devotion" 81
5. "The Many Plans Started by My Father" 119
6. "Shall We Say 'Ignorabimus,' or Chase a Phantom?" 147
7. "The Slender Thread Is Practically Severed" 164
8. "Results Unattainable by Museum Study Alone" 198
9. "Collections Never of Use to Anyone" 213
10. "Dependent on the Personal Feelings of the Authors" 232
11. "I Made Up My Mind That Very Day to Be Director" 245
Concluding Remarks 267
Notes 275
Bibliography 297
Index 317