yzMolecular Systematics and Evolution: Theory and Practice
yҎҁzRob DeSalle , Gonzalo Giribet, Ward Wheeler
yoŁzBirkhaeuser Verlag, Basel
ypzExperientia Supplementum 92 (EXS 92)
yŐzx+309 pp.
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List of Contributors vii
General Introduction ix

Part 1: Evolutionary Analysis at Different Levels

Introduction to Part 1. 3

Andrew V.Z. Brower
Cladistics, Populations and Species in Geographical Space: The Case of Heliconius Butterflies. 5

Patrick M. O'Grady
Species to Genera: Phylogenetic Inference in the Hawaiian Drosophilidae. 17

Scott E. Stanley and Joel L. Cracraft
Higher-level Systematic Analysis of Birds: Current Problems and Possible Solutions. 31

John Gatesy
Relative Quality of Different Systematic Datasets for Cetartiodactyl Mammals: Assessments within a Combined Analysis Framework. 45

Michael F. Whiting
Phylogeny of the Holometabolous Insect Orders Based on 18S Ribosomal DNA: When Bad Things Happen to Good Data. 69

Gonzalo Giribet
Relationships among Metazoan Phyla as Inferred from 18S rRNA Sequence Data: A Methodological Approach. 85

Part 2: Current Problems in Molecular Systematics

Introduction to Part 2. 105

Gonzalo Giribet, Ward C. Wheeler and Jyrki Muona
DNA Multiple Sequence Alignments. 107

Daniel A. Janies and Ward C. Wheeler
Theory and Practice of Parallel Direct Optimization. 115

Mike Steel
Some Statistical Aspects of the Maximum Parsimony Method. 125

Gonzalo Giribet, Rob DeSalle and Ward C. Wheeler
'Pluralism' and the Aims of Phylogenetic Research. 141

Paul Z. Goldstein and Andrew V.Z. Brower
Molecular Systematics and the Origin of Species: New Synthesis or Methodological Introgressions? 147

Richard H. Baker and John Gatesy
Is Morphology Still Relevant? 163

Ranhy Bang, Ted R. Schultz and Rob DeSalle
Development, Homology and Systematics. 175

Part 3: New Approaches to Molecular Evolution

Introduction to Part 3. 189

Joe Thornton
Gene Family Phylogenetics: Tracing Protein Evolution on Trees. 191

Cheryl Y. Hayashi
Evolution of Spider Silk Proteins: Insight from Phylogenetic Analyses. 209

Alfried P. Vogler and Andy Purvis
Comparative Methods and Evolution. 225

Michele K. Nishiguchi
The Use of Physiological Data to Corroborate Cospeciation Events in Symbiosis. 237

Paul J. Planet
Reexamining Microbial Evolution Through the Lens of Horizontal Transfer. 247

References 271
Subject Index 305