yzThe Evolution of Cultural Diversity: A Phylogenetic Approach
yҎҁzRuth Mace, Clare J. Holden, and Stephen Shennan
yoŁzUCL Press, London
yŐzx+291 pp.

Preface (Ruth Mace) v
About the contributors vii

1. Introduction: A phylogenetic Approach to the Evolution of Cultural Diversity (Ruth Mace) 1


2. Introduction to Part I : How Tree-like is Cultural Evolution? (Clare J. Holden and Stephen Shennan) 13
3. Testing Population Dispersal Hypotheses : Pacific Settlement, Phylogenetic Trees and Austronesian Languages (Simon J. Greenhill and Russell D. Gray) 31
4. Comparison of Maximum Parsimony and Bayesian Bantu Language Trees (Clare J. Holden, Andrew Meade and Mark Pagel) 53
5. Untangling our Past : Languages, Trees, Splits and Networks (David Bryant, Flavia Filimon and Russell D. Gray) 67
6. Cultural Phylogenetic Hypotheses in Archaeology : Some Fundamental Issues (Michael J. O'Brien and R. Lee Lyman) 85
7. Phylogenetic versus Ethnogenesis in Turkmen Cultural Evolution (Mark Collard and Jamshid Tehrani) 109
8. Investigating Processes of Cultural Evolution on the North Coast of New Guinea with Multivariate and Cladistic Analyses (Stephen Shennan and Mark Collard) 133
9. Cultural Transmission in Indigenous California (Peter Jordan and Stephen Shennan) 165


10. Introduction to Part II : On the Use of Phylogenetic Comparative Methods to Test Co-evolutionary Hypotheses across Cultures (Ruth Mace) 199
11. The Evolution of Human Sex Ratio at Birth : A Bio-cultural Analysis (Ruth Mace and Fiona Jordan) 207
12. 'The Cow is the Enemy of Matrilliny' : Using Phylogenetic Methods to Investigate Cultural Evolution in Africa (Clare J. Holden and Ruth Mace) 217
13. Bayesian Estimation of Correlated Evolution Across Cultures : A Case Study of Marriage Systems and Wealth Transfer at Marriage (Mark Pagel and Andrew Meade) 235

Bibliography 257
Index 289