yzThe Canterbury Tales Project Occasional Papers I
yҎҁzNorman Blake and Peter Robinson
yszDecember 1993
yoŁzOffice for Humanities Communication, Oxford
ypzOffice for Humanities Communication Publications Number 5
yŐzviii+97 pp.

@@@Norman Blake and Peter Robinson 1
Editing the Canterbury Tales: An Overview
@@@Norman Blake 5
Guidelines for Transcriptions of the Manuscripts of the Wife of Bath's Prologue
@@@Peter Robinson and Elizabeth Solopova 19
Computer-Assisted Methods of Stemmatic Analysis
@@@Robert O'Hara and Peter Robinson 53
A New Descriptive Catalogue of the Manuscripts of the Canterbury Tales
@@@Daniel Mosser 75
The Canterbury Tales Glosses and the Manuscript Groups
@@@Stephen Partridge 85
Manuscript Sigils 95
Notes on Contributors 97