yzBayes's Theorem
yҎҁzRichard Swinburne
yoŁzOxford University Press, Oxford
ypzProceedings of the British Academy 113
yŐzx+149 pp.
yISBNz0-19-726267-8 [hardcover]

Notes on contributors vii
Preface ix
1. Introduction (Richard Swinburne) 1
2. Bayesianism : Its scope and limits (Elliott Sober) 21
3. Bayesianism in statistics (Colin Howson) 39
4. Bayes's theorem and weighting evidence by juries (A. P. Dawid) 71
5. Bayes, Hume, Price, and miracles (John Earman) 91
6. Propensities may satisfy Bayes's theorem (David Miller) 111
Appendix: An essay towards solving a problem in the doctorine of chances. By Thomas Bayes, presented to the Royal Society by Richard Price. preceded by a historical introduction by G. A. Barnard. 117